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Elbow Support - Stomatex

Back2Comfort elbow supports provide a high level of support while allowing continued flexibility of the elbow joint.

Made from Stomatex® material this elbow support balances the body's heat, keeping the elbow warm whilst venting excess body heat.

  • Our elbow supports are lightweight in design & have breathable soft fabric.
  • They are are fully washable, and have high elasticity to provide exactly the right level of support.

  • Stomatex® material expels perspiration through micro chambers to keep the knee dry & comfortable with full range of motion.

  • Stomatex is able to overcome the problems of perspiration and over-heating traditionally associated with neoprene Knee supports

  • As recommended by the NHS in the UK.

Orthopaedic Elbow Support

Provides unriveled support for complications that require support or protection .

Easy Slip on Design

This elbow support is designed to help prevent injury and to provide relief from existing minor & mild elbow injuries.

Can help releive RSI pains.


Provides excellent support and Compression.

For your guidance sizes are measured around the elbow, E.g.

Small  9" - 10" (23.2-25.7cm)
Medium 10¼"  - 11" (26.0-28.3cm)
Large 11¼"  - 12" (28.6-30.8cm)
Xtra large 12¼"  - 13" (31.1-33.3cm)

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Elbow Suuport Size:

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